Vocations to the COSJ


"A vocation is a grace. By its nature it
presupposes and requires that a voice
should be heard - the voice of the Father
through Christ and in the Holy Spirit, the
wonderful invitation: Come!"

Pope Paul VI


To serve the Church as a priest or a religious is indeed a humbling honor which no one merits but which can be chosen by Our Lord for us. We must always pray for vocations to serve the Church in the priesthood and the religious life. The Holy Spirit, that the Father has sent through Jesus Christ, is at the center of a church vocation just as Jesus Christ Himself is the head of the Church. For the COSJ, we have our unique formation process that has been established and endorsed by the Archbishop of San Francisco.

We want to help each interested man or woman learn whether he or she has the vocation and the necessary education, experience and background sufficient to join the COSJ in our contemplative life of prayer and our apostolate to the Archdiocese of San Francisco.


Discernment Retreats

If you would like additional information about the Contemplatives of Saint Joseph and our established requirements for admission and life-style, click here.

From time to time throughout each year, Discernment Retreats are offered at the COSJ Monastery in South San Francisco, CA. These are held to assist men and women, who are strongly considering our contemplative life as a vocation, learn more about us, and give us the opportunity to pray together as a community to determine if God’s call beckons an aspirant to join us. We typically invite candidates after we have communicated via telephone, e-mail and letter, and who we believe understand the COSJ sufficiently to benefit from a Discernment Retreat. Click here to download additional information about our Discernment Retreats.