"St John of Damascus (674-740) divides the soul into three powers, the rational, incensive and appetitive aspects.

     "The therapy and cure of the rational faculty is through 'unwavering faith in God and in true, undeviating and orthodox teachings, through the continual study of the inspired utterances of the Spirit, through pure and ceaseless prayer, and through the offering of thanks to God.'

     "The cure and therapy of the incensive aspect of the soul is 'deep sympathy for one's fellow men, love, gentleness, brotherly affection, compassion, forbearance and kindness.'

     "And the therapy and cure of the appetitive aspect is 'fasting, self-control, hardship, a total shedding of possessions and their distribution to the poor, desire for the imperishable blessings held in store, longing for the Kingdom of God, and aspiration for divine sonship.'"

- Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos -