"Contemplative silence is a silence of adoration and listening by a person who stands in the presence of God. To stand silently in God's presence is to pray. Prayer demands that we successfully keep quiet so as to hear and listen to God. 

     "Silence requires absolutely availability with respect to God's will. Man must be completely turned toward God and toward his brethren. Silence is a quest and a form of charity, in which God's eyes become our eyes and God's heart is grafted onto our heart. We cannot stay in the presence of the fire of divine silence without being burned. 

     "The friends and lovers of God are irradiated by him. The more they remain in silence, the more they love God. The more empty of self they are, the more full of God they are. The more they converse with God, face to face, the more their faces beam with the light and splendor of God, like Moses coming out of the meeting tent (Ex 34:29-35)." 

- Robert Cardinal Sarah, The Power of Silence, Thought 116