what are Parish Missions? 

The goal of the Contemplatives of Saint Joseph for its parish missions is to create the ambiance for contemplative prayer and to inspire those who attend to realize that they can grow closer to God when they leave for home, no matter what their vocation in the world may be.

A parish mission presents the opportunity for the faith community to recharge itself. It makes available the truly important things like the wonder of God the Father’s love for us, and realization that we are entering into the sacred mystery of Jesus Christ’s intimate indwelling within us, and prayer empowered by the Holy Spirit. At a parish mission led by the COSJ people reconcile, faith is awakened, vocations are discovered, families are healed, and the parish again discovers its ultimate calling and meaning.

A parish mission allows you to take some time to look at your life, values, and direction. It encourages you to ask:

“What is really important to me?”
“What am I doing with my life?”
“What values do I have?”
“Where does God fit into my life?”
“What does my faith, my Church, mean to me?”

A COSJ Parish Mission is conducted on a weekend during which presentations and teachings of the Church are provided to help the faithful become more centered in prayer, especially contemplative prayer. Confessions are heard during several intervals of the day and night, and spiritual guidance sessions can be arranged by advance appointment.

We include Benediction, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, spiritual talks, and prayers each day.

Parish missions are arranged by the pastor with the COSJ and are advertised in the parish's bulletin and website.