COSJ Catholic Spiritual Life Academy

The Catholic Spiritual Life Academy will be available for all interested Catholic men and women via our website by early 2018. 

Our goal is to bring awareness of the contemplative journey and how to live it within our Catholic Church tradition. We will learn about different contemplative saints, mystics, traditions and writers who have showed us the way to enter into an intimate and loving communion with God. 

Part of our Catholic Spiritual Life Academy will also include a way for families to learn how they too can live a modified contemplative life. Believe it or not - it can be done! 

Using different forms of media on our website through downloadable content, videos, and audio recording we will bring you a solid and faithful way to journey into a understand of the interior journey into communion with God. We will also talk about what this means within your particular vocation in life. 

We look forward to the start of our COSJ Catholic Spiritual Life Academy!